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Tian's International is a manufacturer of protective apparel used in a wide variety of industries. All of the items we offer are made by us, in our own ISO9001 factory.  We produce nothing but world class quality garments and accessories, and have been doing so for over 30 years. We hope you too will consider Tians as your source for protective apparel.

Pleated / Expandable Caps & Beard Covers

bouffant cap
beard cover

Join the Fold & Try Our Pleated Items


Worldwide, pleated style bouffant caps and beard covers are overwhelmingly the most popular type used. You will find them in

every country and sector from cleanroom, to food processing and general industrial uses. And for good reason:​

  • With our exclusive production method, these items are  never touched by human hands.  Our pleated caps and covers are the cleanest in the industry.

  • They are more secure and comfortable to wear because of their double elastic bands.

  • Are less likely to be contaminated because they are closed and not opened/exposed until use.

  • Shed less particles because they are not punctured by sewing needle holes.

  • Are less likely to allow hair to escape.

  • Are easily dispensed 1 at a time without affecting adjacent pieces.

  • The rectangular shaped inner packs stack high, neatly and securely in cleanroom gowning areas.



barrier gown

Our new USP800 compliant barrier gowns will provide the tested and proven protection you need from a variety of hazardous drugs.  Both our garment fabric and also the garment seams have been third party lab tested against a variety of the most common hazardous chemotherapy drugs.

Special Feature : Each individually bagged gown has an affixed QR code that can be easily scanned by the user and will direct them straight to our hazardous drug testing list.

This excellent new gown is in stock and shipping now !

barrier gown
barrier gown

Scan the QR code on any bag to immediately see the chemical test data

SafeTrack® Shoe Covers

Preventing Slip & Fall Incidents

Our SafeTrack® shoe covers have outstanding traction and an even better reputation for solving slip and fall incidents in problem work areas. When superior skid resistance is needed - SafeTrack® is the solution. Available in a standard sized shoe cover (blue) or a more generously sized boot cover (gray).

shoe cover
shoe cover
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