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91588 Beard Cover
Cleanroom Beard Cover
Pleated / Expandable Style



Latex free, low lint, 100% machine made cover expands from .75 x 5" packed size and opens up to a full sized beard cover. With our exclusive production method, this item is never touched by human hands and the bioburden is nearly eliminated. Machine welded seam eliminates all needle holes, thread and stitching. Double elastic faceband for a secure and comfortable fit. Lightweight and cool/breathable non-woven fabric.

Fabric Info:

100% virgin spunbonded polypropylene low-linting fabric. Latex free elastic band is fully encapsulated by polyester thread for added comfort.

Individually inspected for sizing, welding and workmanship.

Material Weight: 12gm/m2

General Info:

ISO Class:                 6 / Helmke Drum Testing          IEST-RP-CC003.3

Size:                          Universal / 18.5"  fully extended length

                                  Collapsed/relaxed size - 5.5" x .75"

Flammability:          Class 1                                        CPSC 1610

Color:  White



Neatly stacked and cleanroom packed - 100 pieces per sealed inner polybag, 10 polybags per sealed master bag, 1000 pieces per case.

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