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Fabric Guide

Environstar® SPP

Our standard Polypropylene is breathable, comfortable and available in a variety of weights and colors to meet your requirements. This popular fabric is widely used for many general protection needs where exposure to liquids is not a concern.


Environstar® HCP

A heavy duty laminated fabric for shoe covers used in rough service applications. We laminate a heavy and embossed layer of polyethylene over a generous weight of polypropylene substrate. The result is an outstanding material of physical strength combined with greater resistance to acids, oils, gasoline and diesel fuel, and a large number of industrial pesticides. 


Environstar® MP 

A blend of polyethylene and polypropylene is used to create a unique breathable membrane. Our MP fabric is widely used in cleanrooms and various critical environments. It is also suitable for exposure to some hazardous liquids, and where liquid splash is a concern. The finished fabric also contains anti-static properties from a proprietary additive.


Environstar® SMS

Our three-layer SMS fabric is exceptionally comfortable, breathable, and has a cloth like feel. The unique filtration layer keeps out small particles and also repels non-hazardous liquids. SMS is very popular for keeping workers cool while providing both filtration and liquid protection.


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